Next Release: A Poignant Duet With Cher Of “Dust In The Wind”

I saw over at the Boss’ place where classic oldies rapper Eminem has released a new album. I couldn’t believe he was still at it, considering his age and all so I checked and he is still actually playing live shows. Amazing!

(Everyone says his new album sucks real bad but no one wants to say anything that could hurt his feelings.  We all know this could be his last Christmas. Sad!)



  1. Earl, there’s a business venture starring us right in the face. Retirement homes for aging and feeble minded rap & Hip Hop artist. Think about it, NWA have got to be pushing 60 by now! And Ice T, guys got to be in his 70’s. And ya know, Jay-z already thinks he’s Che with bling. He’s gonna need a lot of care pretty soon. Lots!

    I see a cash cow runnin’ loose up in here…..

    1. Sounds like a gold mine, Boss but I’m more keen on the young and feeble-minded rap and hip hop consumers. Their parents have money and they all need serious treatment right now. Also I’m not changing any old people diapers. Can’t do it, sorry.

  2. I’ve never been a washed up wigger, but I have been a washed up hobo bum most of my decrepit life. With the latter at least I still have my dignity.

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