A Good Monday Morning

Yes I totally stole this concept from a much more popular Monday morning feature.

The soft, gauzy focus. The hanging out naked in front of open windows. The hidden genitalia. We share the same editorial approach, my goodest friend Diogenes and I, so I’m sure she’ll take no offense at this bold mild act of plagiarism. After all, nobody keeps all their readers forever.

And some people simply don’t care to see hot, sexy, naked young women walking around in rooms without curtains. We provide an alternative. We’re pretty sure there’s an audience craving this kind of option. Enjoy!

bedroom eyes


  1. Careful there, Earl: Pretty soon all your subscribers will be Democrats, if you keep postin’ doggie porn.

  2. Earl, your model is quite the bitch, and I mean that in a good way, not the shrillary or magilla way.

      1. lamont could be a “tissue donor” and provide the other ear with plenty to spare, like magilla donating for “ass-augmentation” operations, nudge nudge, wink wink.

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