Beta O’Rourke: All Sombrero But No Cajones

The Hispanic guys I’ve known would never go on TV and dance like this, unless they were fairly drunk. This kind of activity drains the testosterone right out of a guy. (NOTE: Even watching it on TV or this picture here could possibly cause minor hormonal depletion. So you’re looking at your own risk.)



  1. This dude is a retarded Adam Lanza Mexican wigger, some kind of migger or honxican. His name is O’Rourke, like if an Irish Tattoo and Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island had a Thalidomide butthole baby. If Texas were full of trannies, he would campaign in full drag wearing a hologram of a vagina outside his panties.

  2. I mean just look at the unretouched pictures of him, sloped shoulders, horse teeth, Pee Wee Herman Jerking Off In The Dark Theater expression. His next job is Catholic Priest.

  3. That image, whether modified or true, is not only disgusting on many levels, but disturbing on ALL levels.

    My thesaurus has laryngitis this mornin, so I can’t give y’all a word for gender-confused, self-involved, media-whoring, namby-assed wastes of hominid protoplasm.

  4. He cut and ran on the first debate with Ted to go to Hollywood and talk about his new juice regimen as well as generally act like a neutered simp.


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