1. Lord! Ok, Earl, what did Madonna do this time to draw this kind of attention to herself? (totally warranted, I’m sure). Even her “Strike A Pose” phase seems rational by comparison.

  2. She gives piglice and ticks gonorrhea so they drop off and die. She could wage biological warfare on our pig population with her ebolahole alone, like a cat spraying lawn furniture. Keep her in aborted fetus smoothies and send her off into the mesquites.

  3. That piece of “wood” Muhdonnuh has between her legs seems a bit small to accomplish any type of sensation. Was she in the “placebo” group in this case? (Talking about “case”, where is the green ooze one would expect coming from her nether regions? (new connotation for the words ‘clap trap'”)) Did you know she was born one of a set of triplets and her mom named them after being greeted by Santa… “Ho, Ho, Ho”?

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