Once Again, California Innovation Leads The Way

The First Responders are each paid almost $200K per year to zoom out and remove human waste from public sidewalks. The noxious excretions are deposited by the legions of homeless persons living on the streets who blithely leave their disgusting filth for others to clean. Why accommodate such people?



  1. “Why accommodate such people?”

    I’d love to hear a leftie answer that question.

  2. They’ve instituted a “poo patrol” while the BIGGEST TURD is in the Governor’s mansion! Moonbeam wasn’t worth a shit as Governor LAST time, and THIS time he’s even WORSE! MAN I’m glad I left Californicate 40 years ago!

  3. $185K sounds like a lot, until you remember Sham Fran Crisco’s uber high cost of living. Then it becomes a barely livable wage. Remember, this is a city where a decent house costs over half-a-mill, that would cost only $200K anywhere else outside the city.
    But for all that, if I were younger, I’d live in my little trailer for a year and do that job, save a bundle in the bank.

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