Every Heart Stops Beating Someday

Death is something we will all experience when our time comes. If John McCain’s demise is imminent, I am sorry for those who will miss him. I only know him as a public figure  and in that context, I think he is a cheap, ungracious, vindictive asshole. Yeah, just like me.

Look, I’m playing God:



  1. Did 24 years USN AcDu, a year of arduous sea duty off the coast of Cambodia/South Vietnam and two 6-month cruises on a DLG in the GoT.

    So I have the right to say whatever I like about serial failer McCain, a guy who got bigger as the years passed but never quite grew up . . . forever in search of a leggy blonde with money, a frat house with a cold kegger, and a bunch of borderline socialists with adolescent humor.

    But . . . remembering my grandmother’s advice about a situation in which I have nothing good to say about someone, that’s what I’ll say about the self-centered attention hog and ironic victim of a disease which had to work so very hard to find a home.

  2. it is telling that the leftards are all weepy over losing their best pal while conservatives are,for the most part,ambivalent.

  3. I just hope that the boys from the Hanoi Hilton are allowed to tell the Songbird goodbye at the gate before he begins his final journey. They have waiting for a long time.

  4. In lieu of cremation he’ll be put by the side of the road in Kingman where people can throw shit at him until he reaches combustion temperature.

  5. No worries Juan, when you are turned away at the Pearly Gates, you will be reunited with your old pal Ted Kenned in the lake of fire. No biggie tho as it will be just like being on the Forrestal again.

  6. Earl, your picture should depict the Forestal victims at The Pearly Gates giving McPain the thumbs down, while all his deceased DildoCrat pals are waiting for him in the flames below.

  7. “I am sorry for those who will miss him.”
    Well said, Earl, well said. A Trump-ian turn of phrase if there ever was one.

  8. In the words of the Joker (first Batman): “I’m glad [you’re] dead.”

    Fuck you McLame.

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