Quick Thinking Staff Save Former Gov From Near Drowning

When the busboy saw him, he was beginning to snorkel the coconut cream filling through his nose. Being as how Aspirated Custard is the leading cause for an often fatal condition known to medicine as Crema de Coco Mocos, Christie was rushed to the hospital for observation overnight and released the next morning, right after breakfast.


And wow, he’s back on the mound tonight! What an iron will…what stamina!



  1. I thought he’d never have to work again, I mean after the judgment against GE light bulbs for that “design-shape patent infringement” and the royalties from the “Met Life” tattoo on his side… hell, he must just be a greedy bastard. Well, I guess it just “show’s ta go ya”, these zeppelin types are destined to aspirate food… statistics prove it.

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