Malcolm Jenkins Wants The Conversation To Be About The “Issues” Not The Anthem

Who would pay to have a conversation with Malcolm? I suppose lots of people might pay big bucks to sit with a rich young guy and discuss systemic oppression, who knows these days? I just wanted to watch him play football, because he’s a pretty good player and watching him was entertaining. I never wanted a conversation and didn’t realize a responsibility to listen came with the game ticket. I only wanted to watch the game. I’m sorry I’ve failed you, Malcolm.




  1. Since it is unlikely this guy is an actual brainiac, I’ll assume he’s as stupid as the other black players and had a fellow student taking his tests for him so he could be on the ball field and practice. My best friend took tests for a future hall-of-fame player at the University of Nebraska. The player was a fantastic athlete, but probably couldn’t tell you what 2/3rds of nine was, even WITH a calculator. I don’t expect the day will EVER come when black millionaires SHARE their good fortune in this country with the alleged poor they whine about. Yes, there are some who “give back”, but the bulk of them are just selfish punks who have gotten to a place in life where they think they have risen above the others and deserve to live lavishly while the rest languish in poverty. Like RAP “singers” who sell a CD and suddenly have the money and influence to pay for expensive “ho’s”, and buy expensive cars, and live in “whitey’s” ‘hood, they think the same avarice they live out is what the whites who’ve worked all their life to achieve their wealth experience. FTATVTSIO, Fornicate Them And The Vine They Swung In On!

    You aren’t saying anything worth listening to.

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