1. I’d guess that if someone uttered a comment to “him” that was indisputable, he could not respond with the words “damned straight”! If he’s not a faggot, he should get an Academy award for playing one so well! Someone who has the stomach for it, watch him perform at a game and see how he “presents” his ass to the men in the stands. I think THAT will remove the mystery of his sexual preference.

    1. Or if he’s on both knees rather than just one.
      It’s not like I give a rat’s ass what happens in the NFL; just so they lose money.

  2. Why any red-blooded American male continues to watch the NFL is something I will never understand.

  3. I just learned that (science be damned) there are now SEVENTY-THREE genders. So do we get 73 new cheerleaders?

  4. Upon close examination of your portrait, I noticed:
    a) matching earrings.
    b) the (apparently) female cheers look uncomfortable.

    Napoleon. Well, heck. [ shakes head, sighs at yet another lost civilization ]

    Third from left. This’s all I have to say.

    Third from left.

  5. Well I couldn’t care less about the nfl (no fans left) but I’m sick and tired of libturds and faggots polluting my environment. Even the goatfukers have the right idea about faggots. But then so did God. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. Like my grandpa says, if all the roosters were faggots, we wouldn’t have any eggs in the barn.

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