I Enjoy A Lively Polka

This may have been the Chicken Dance. (Caution: It’s Lawrence Welk from the 70s and features people you’d probably like to beat up a little. The blonde girl’s not bad but she has no concept of how to replicate bird wings and as such bounces her well formed chesticles to effectively double the flapping. Her performance alone makes the video watchable. You can turn down the sound. And please keep in mind, I don’t get out much.)



  1. To paraquote The Who, “Daddy’s got a squeezebox, Libtards never sleep at night”.

  2. Nice one, Earl. Now, maybe you can dig up some old video of Barack Obama down at the South Chicago bath house doing the “Dicken Dance” while Michelle looks on and plays the didgeridoo.

    1. Mac, I heard the only instrument lamont plays is the “skin flute”, and Wookiees… just the drums, (the daily beatings of lamont are ample testimony of that… ask anyone in the 2009-2017 Secret Service).

  3. If it’s CNN wouldn’t it be the “chicken SHIT dance”? I think I remember Robert Davi doing the dance in “An American Carol”, one of my favorite movies, (Kelsey Grammer plays George Patton and the Michael Moore character is played by the Goodyear Blimp).

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