Rob Reiner Escalates Efforts To Remove Trump By Producing A New Fantasy Adventure Series For Cable – Promises Trump Goes To Prison By Week 4

Now if everyone can just stick to his script, he’ll wrap things up in no time.



  1. I dunno… maybe Rob Whiner can made a “Dickumentary” about his brain called “The Prince Cess Pool”, Starring Michael Moore as the anorexic Rob, Woopee Cushion as the loose bowel movement, Juan McCain as the impacted bowel obstruction, lamont insane obama as the excess flatulence, shrillary clinton as the wicked bitch of the east, Elisbian Warren as the senator from Assachusetts… I mean the possibilities for casting are almost limitless.

  2. This is brilliant precisely because it is so believable. That “White Castle” … is it the one full of crappy greasy hamburgers? If so, Michael Moore will be there, three in each hand.

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