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Beta O’Rourke: All Sombrero But No Cajones

The Hispanic guys I’ve known would never go on TV and dance like this, unless they were fairly drunk. This kind of activity drains the testosterone right out of a guy. (NOTE: Even watching it on TV or this picture here could possibly cause minor hormonal depletion. So you’re looking at your own risk.)


Paid Off 2 Bimbos? That’s Chump Change


Lots Of Pig Hunters Here In Texas

A handy reference card that might prove useful. Good luck!


This Dog Won’t Hunt

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, unless one of the dogs is a cat.”


Every Heart Stops Beating Someday

Death is something we will all experience when our time comes. If John McCain’s demise is imminent, I am sorry for those who will miss him. I only know him as a public figure  and in that context, I think he is a cheap, ungracious, vindictive asshole. Yeah, just like me.

Look, I’m playing God:


Once Again, California Innovation Leads The Way

The First Responders are each paid almost $200K per year to zoom out and remove human waste from public sidewalks. The noxious excretions are deposited by the legions of homeless persons living on the streets who blithely leave their disgusting filth for others to clean. Why accommodate such people?


She Is Ancient

eternal nancy

This Is From A Year Ago – And It’s Still True

Thank God.


That Mean Old Man Down The Street


Mueller Is Digging In The Manure Pile, Hoping He’ll Find A Pony

So far, he’s only uncovered nothing on our Favorite President.  For $15 million taxpayer dollarinis. And still digging. To influence the mid term elections, using taxpayer money.

How is this OK?

digging for nothing

Quick Thinking Staff Save Former Gov From Near Drowning

When the busboy saw him, he was beginning to snorkel the coconut cream filling through his nose. Being as how Aspirated Custard is the leading cause for an often fatal condition known to medicine as Crema de Coco Mocos, Christie was rushed to the hospital for observation overnight and released the next morning, right after breakfast.


And wow, he’s back on the mound tonight! What an iron will…what stamina!


Political Toy Plans To Run For Congress When He’s Big

Destined? Ask Cindy Sheehan or Sandra Flake how their 15 minutes of Media Darling fame translated to campaign success. But you keep stroking yourself, kid. Beats working, eh?

“We really only remember a few hundred people, if that many, out of the billions that have ever lived,” Hogg told the magazine. “Is that what I was destined to become?”


Mom! David Is Pondering His Destiny Again!