Just A Reminder

I usually forget to send a card or whatever on these special dates. So here’s an advance heads-up for everyone. You can print it out and stick it on your fridge as a reminder. Hope you really enjoy your day with the old folks.

grandparents day
Certified 100% Unretouched Photos Circa 1920s-1930s USA



    1. The thin flannel swim suits was all they had. No liners back in those days, no sir. Everybody saw everybody’s everything. They went swimming a lot. Nobody wanted to dry off.

      1. Butt [sic] Earl… these were the days when “waxing” was what you did to your CAR! These babes would have had a “bush” the size of an eagle’s nest.

  1. re:

    That is the standard I came to expect on this site.

    Last on your recommended sites list is Xenophiliac (or some such). I checked them out, got as far as a couple years ago; those people are nuts. Not like us.

  2. Wadda ya mean, “enjoy your day with the old folks”?
    I AM the old folks.

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