This Floats My Boat

Cusco Peru. Stone walls crafted from massive blocks of granite hauled from nearby quarries by way of ropes and logs and gravity and thousands of men, circa 1450 AD. Supervised by architects, people from local villages and farms took their turns to cut and dress the stones as fulfillment of a community duty assessed much like taxes.

Using stone tools, they shaped and fit the stones together so precisely that no mortar was ever needed. In many joints, it is impossible to slip a sheet of paper between the rocks. The stone itself is largely igneous formed granite and basalt. Crystallized minerals that have to be pounded, broken and shaped – not carved. The work is amazing. The now remaining stones were too large to re-use in Spanish Colonial constructions, so they were left in place. All the rest were scavenged by the invaders and can be found in the homes and buildings throughout the area.

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cusco peru


Stone Sphere (Below) Not from Peru – it’s Costa Rican and of pre-Colombian origin. Also granite. Shaped by hand. Perhaps over one man’s lifetime. Incredible.


Yet another fascinating formation, location unknown. Note the flawless symmetry, the precision of the angles, smoothness of the forms and the evident lack of carpeting.

I could study it all day.



  1. And here I thought you were getting serious on us. I should’a known better.

    1. Everyone has a hobby. I just have an intense interest in well-wrought cracks, folds, cleavages, clefts and so on. Massive Monolithic Pudenda are my particular area of expertise. Ask me anything.

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