Texas Dems Have High Hopes For 2018 Senate

For some people, one of the favorite aspects of getting stoned are the acutely enhanced and intensified feelings of liberal political optimism. Policies that hold no water in real life among normal people will burst forth as Manifestos of Public Administration Excellence That Cannot Be Declaimed Ever!  Until the buzz wears off.

This is where we find our Texas Democrats today. With Betard Beta O’Rourke, the young soymigo from El Paso with a nationwide funding effort bringing sweet and skunky hippie money in from all over. This is their plan to defeat incumbent Senator Ted Cruz in the fall. And they will fail.  In the meantime, we shall point and laugh.



  1. “Soymigo” … love it. Need to add that term to Urban Dictionary, to confuse the leftards who lurk there.

  2. Fooookin communist Trantaloids have begun to infest Texas. Remobilize the 6th and 20th Infantry Regiments.

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