1. It’s called, “living in their heads, rent free.”
    And President Trump does it very, very well.

  2. Earl: Get the license rights to the Baby Balloon. We could sell a million of ’em, scaled down to about 3 feet long. Conservatives would fly ’em over their pools and patios; leftards would use them for target practice. And everyone would pay full retail! Ahhh, capitalism.

    1. Oh totally agree! Love to have some myself. Someone on the twatter the other day suggested we need several thousand (full size) with high-tech cameras in them along the southern border to help out Border Patrol! HA!

      posting over at The Conservative Treehouse

  3. Strozkers stroker is much too generous…. it’s his nose and tongue

    seriously its evident your medications have paid off once more please don’t Bogart!!

    the fortress inside your ID has been fermenting special extra special Precious Bodily Fluids

    this panel belongs in Encyclopedia Britannica!

    oh hang on lost a few decades once more

    no fooling- if you passed a 1/2″ meteor thru the cigarette, i bet wed hear you screaming in Denton

    welcome home. make em pay make their eyes bleed


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