1. I’m absolutely amazed at the amount of shit that he has to endure every day, and it never seems to faze him. If anything, it energizes him. It’s like he’s superhuman.

  2. The level of vitriol and hatred directed towards him by the left is unprecedented in my lifetime. Wagons circled.

  3. I have always admired President Trump. Unfortunately for me, I grew up in New York (got outta there as soon as I could, never going back), and Trump was always a part of life in New York since I was a kid in the 1970s. The New York Times actually used to publish articles basically saying he was God’s gift to New York, and he’s the greatest, etc. He’s always been blustery, in yer face, a braggart, and a ladies’ man. He doesn’t take shit, but he’s got genuine sympathy and concern for the working man. In other words, he’s a man, unlike that pussy idiot ponce who just went back home to Africa and slagged America (again).

    Plain and simple, if you upset the globalist apple cart like Trump did, the scumbags who ride on it are going to try to take you down. That’s what this entire thing is about.

  4. He and his whole family entered Hell to save us from the communist insects. In that regard he is greater than Reagan.

    Gorram insects.

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