Sunday Cavalcade Of News

A New York City Congressional District with 68% democrat voters chose a communist bartender in their primary election. Maybe she’ll win in the fall. It won’t matter. She’s a dumb ass.


Mexico looks likely to elect another Communist as President. It won’t matter. He’s a dumb ass.


The American ambassador to Estonia retired, finally. It doesn’t matter. He’s a dumb ass.

estonia amb

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Mexican Human Smugglers aka “Coyotes” transporting illegals with children across the Rio Grande (“Big River”) to America. Coyotes are known to be relentless and cunning dumb asses.



Vintage Yum Yums:  Catherine Deneuve and Natalie Wood.


And finally, let’s kill that buzz with the announcement that former First Wookie Michelle Obama will open a chain of “Let’s Moose!” Yoga spas. The Big Mothership facility and corporate world headquarters opens on the 4th on the Southside of Chicago, near the site for the new Presidential LieBarry:




  1. Let’s Moose … if that massive butt lets loose a poot, ain’t nobody gonna moose no mo’. Michael Moore might buy the first franchise.

  2. Earl-It looks from the picture like Moose has put on so much weight that she is no longer eligible for automobile transportation and will have to move into forklift territory. This is one of your best Earl.

  3. Oh, my God. This little tart is so tiresome and stupendously ignorant. She can’t even talk. She was a bartender in a taco and tequila bar, fer chrissakes. She actually refers to herself as a “Latinx” because it’s “gender neutral”.

    Did anyone else see the story in The New York Post about how this commie shithead screwed her co-workers out of tips? This little POS, like all of them, is only a socialist with YOUR income.

    1. But Mac, yes she will be elected, because this is New Yawk, she’s got a “D” after her name, she’s Latina, bugshit crazy socialist and female.

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