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FDA Warns About ‘Deceptive’ Vaginal Rejuvenation Claims


(Please note: We have edited the source article slightly, for editorial purposes. – The Editors, Associate Editors, Assistant Editors and Editor Interns)

Procedures marketed to improve a woman’s “intimate health” using steam cleaning are not only unapproved, but are also causing burns and other painful damage, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday.

The steam cleaning equipment used in these unapproved procedures has FDA approval for removing genital warts, insects, paint, other growths and also in operations such as hysterectomies. But they have not been shown to tighten up muscles, increase sexual pleasure or relieve pain during intercourse, the FDA said.

The FDA says it’s received complaints about burns and other damage. In some cases, the procedures are causing the very pain during intercourse that they are being promoted to relieve.

So-called vaginal rejuvenation is a vague term that might refer to vaginal “laxity,” dryness, dustiness, sand, lesions, pain during intercourse, scabs or “decreased sexual sensation,” the FDA said in a safety alert.

“It is deceptive to give the impression that vaginal steaming, aka “ReTitan”, “G-Spot Hot Shot”, or any such procedures are accepted and routine medical practices.”

Advocates for the Women In Need Of Vaginal Restoration community are vowing to protest. “The members of our community are utterly dependent on steam for pain relief and moisturizing their stiff, sore muscles and ripped out lady bits.”

fda warning

Lesser Known Baseball Greats

hyman ruth

Rob Reiner Made Some Pretty Good Movies Once But Now He’s Insane

He says so, himself right here.

Not like I truly give a shit but it’s somewhat fun to watch.



RomCom Director wishing real real hard that Donald Trump will go to prison for nothing.

Up In The Sky! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane!

point and laugh


Dozens Of Protestors Tea-Bagged By Hateful Balloon

balloon 3

The Handmaid’s Handjob

The latest Leftist Cat Ladies performance protest is based on a fictional account of a future where all women with child-bearin’ hips who can conceive children are made into sexual slaves for rich yet infertile couples, who are legion in this future, so they need lots and lots of these slavey Handmaids…and so on.

So now the evil parallels drawn from this fiction are lame, street theater exhibitions intended to illustrate our certain future under Donald J Trumpenfuerer, where all fertile women will face brutal oppression and persecution, starting any day now.

A big difference in the shows, however. On cable, the slave girls are all young and fairly pretty. Central Casting extras. Not all brilliant, but no gargoyles either. Normal guys would be OK with buying them and having sex with them whenever they wanted. And as such, the story piques your interest – so you keep watching.

But the uh, females I saw performing in the recent protests do not match up with the girls in the show, not even close. They’re too old, soggy, wrinkly and haggish to present themselves as trophies that anyone (sober), anywhere (normal countries) would ever want to purchase for money. Seriously ma’ams, this isn’t working like you think.



Then I wondered where in this invented future did the new Slaves come from? If an old one breaks and it’s totaled, where do you get another one? Will there be stores? Who gets them wholesale? I figured we need to invent that too.



Just A Reminder

I usually forget to send a card or whatever on these special dates. So here’s an advance heads-up for everyone. You can print it out and stick it on your fridge as a reminder. Hope you really enjoy your day with the old folks.

grandparents day

Certified 100% Unretouched Photos Circa 1920s-1930s USA


Fly The Balloons!

A few to start.

A reason to celebrate our amazing, wonderfully competent and incredibly stable genius, Donald J Trump, the President of the United States!


Also useful as an attention getter, in crowds –


and my personal favorite – The Hippie Monster.


Hot New Comedy Coming To Late Nights This Fall

An ensemble cast of late night TV comics/hosts are set to be empaneled into an alternate United States Supreme Court in a hilarious send up of how our legal system would function if every single Judge wanted Donald Trump thrown in prison.

Along with the stellar collaboration of America’s favorite comedy idols, guest prosecutors will include Hollywood’s leading legal minds like Rob Reinder, Michael Mooer, Rosie O’Dognuts, Ron Purell, Fat Astin, Arnold Schwarzenlikker, Whoopie Oldturd and many more.



nyuk nyuk nyuk


This Floats My Boat

Cusco Peru. Stone walls crafted from massive blocks of granite hauled from nearby quarries by way of ropes and logs and gravity and thousands of men, circa 1450 AD. Supervised by architects, people from local villages and farms took their turns to cut and dress the stones as fulfillment of a community duty assessed much like taxes.

Using stone tools, they shaped and fit the stones together so precisely that no mortar was ever needed. In many joints, it is impossible to slip a sheet of paper between the rocks. The stone itself is largely igneous formed granite and basalt. Crystallized minerals that have to be pounded, broken and shaped – not carved. The work is amazing. The now remaining stones were too large to re-use in Spanish Colonial constructions, so they were left in place. All the rest were scavenged by the invaders and can be found in the homes and buildings throughout the area.

click images to enlarge

cusco peru


Stone Sphere (Below) Not from Peru – it’s Costa Rican and of pre-Colombian origin. Also granite. Shaped by hand. Perhaps over one man’s lifetime. Incredible.


Yet another fascinating formation, location unknown. Note the flawless symmetry, the precision of the angles, smoothness of the forms and the evident lack of carpeting.

I could study it all day.


I Love The Baby Trump Balloon

It’s perfect. Looming above them, laughing at their boring, noodly rallies. They think they’re ridiculing him? I wonder who’s seeing it in their dreams?