1. Hillaroid looks better, dressed as a 1950s businessman. Actually looks like she could be trusted, sorta kinda … to cook the books and abscond with the company’s assets.

  2. Was Churchill named after Sir Edmund Shrillary? Did his cigars smell like strange tuna? Were his “pants suits” made from “repurposed motorhome covers”? I think NOT! The ONLY similarity is Winston’s chances of getting elected are the same as shrillary’s! FHATCSRIO! (Fornicate Her And The Camel She Rode In On)

  3. My money is on my the Huma humidor. A muzzscum stogie rolled on the thigh of Yassar Arafat.

  4. If Winston Churchill were alive today he’d probably tell Cankles, “Madame, you’re drunk. And tomorrow you’ll still be drunk.”

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