1. Can’t make this shit up. That little prick is gonna be responsible for a conservative SCOTUS for a generation.

  2. The Lord works in mysterious ways. This worthless little toad inadvertently did the country a big favor by dropping the 60 vote threshold for judges to ram a bunch of barry’s judges through. He never dreamed the republicans would one day be in power and his bullying tactics would end up biting the democrats square in the ass.

  3. Fucking Democrats. Nothing but squalling petulant children. They’re already griping about a new Supreme Court justice, and Schumer is trying to call it an “election year”, so we should wait on a nomination. Meanwhile, I don’t remember any Democrat complaining when Barry nominated Kagan in early 2010 (an “election year” as well), and she was confirmed a few months later, before the election. Jesus, Kagan had never even been a judge. She had the fat lesbo commie pedigree, though. Things are easy in Obamaland.

    1. Yep they are blatant hypocrites and they never fail to show it. Because the MSM won’t call Dems out on their flip-flops. Because we have a free press but we do not have a fair press, the Dems have gotten away with their ridiculous theater of lies. The Internet is changing that dynamic, to an extent.

  4. I see what you did there, Earl. You made Dingy Harry look like “Brain” (Pinky and the Brain), except that Harry ain’t got none. And that’s why we have the nuclear option today. Dingy didn’t think things through beyond the DildoCrats immediate “today”, and never mind about tomorrow.

      1. Earl, try it sometime. It was part of a set of Stephen Spielberg cartoons (back in the early 90s? the memory fades). Funny in the day, and I’m willing to bet, still funny today.
        Pinky: “What are we going to do tonight, Brain?”
        Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world!”

  5. Jowls like a chipmunk, prolly full of nuts. And WC Fields’ nose. Gee, Earl, do ya think I’ll look that awesome when I reach age 85?

  6. Hey Earl: I see where Michael “Whaleback” Moore has called for the “resistance” to “put their bodies on the line”. Methinks I see a Taint graphic in there somewhere … something involving that 500 pound lardlocked blubber butt waddling into the line of fire.

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