It’s Been A GREAT Week

And it’s only Hump Day.

Please be mindful of prolapsed/collapsed democrats that may be in your path. Don’t kick them in the head.  They’re being collected now. Going to the Death Camps.

Pure Joy.

scotus kennedy retires


  1. Earl, almost all of your work cracks me up! ha! (Don’t know who that speaks worse for; you or me!!)
    This one is going over at the Conservative TreeHouse. Can’t publish them all over there; just the “cleaner” ones. Thanks again.

  2. Such perfect Targets of Opportunity (TOO). Stink bombs, spray paint, tear gas, (unlit) home made napalm, riding a mountain bike through the fallen crowd, all kinds of fun opportunities for the creative minded.

  3. Give ’em a little credit for making the grueling journey from the couch to the street.

  4. Live by the nuclear option, die by the nuclear option. With John McStain out
    of the picture, we are at 50-50. Even if the Vice President could cast the deciding
    vote, all it would take is a Susan Collons or Jeff “The Flake” Flake to put the
    kaibosh on the confirmation hearing.

    Forget for a moment that both Jeff The Flake and John McStain will be replaced by
    Republincans. 7 Republican and 24 Democrat Senators are up for reelection in
    November. Out of the 24 Democrat seat up for reelection, 8 of them won by 49
    to 55 percent in their last election. All of these states (especially Rust Belt. steel
    and coal states) were won by Donald Trump!

    Trump lost Minnesocold by a gnats ass. One of their Democrat senators won her
    last election with 53 percent. In another Hillary state (Virginia,) the Democrat senator won
    53 percent of the vote. Ditto Indiana 53 percent. Connecticut 55 Percent. Taxatwoshits
    55 percent. Maryland 55 percent. The Independent senator from Maine 53 percent.
    Given the reality that most pollsters oversample Democrats from 10 50 percent, the blue
    wave will be a Red tsunami. Democrat senators will reject party unity and vote for
    Trump’s SCOTUS nominee leading into a midterm election. To Democrats, it is
    all about political power. This is why my analysis was limited to red and blue state
    with a 55 percent or less majority of the vote in their last election. You cannot
    run against record employment rates, tax cuts, an expanding economy and
    explosive growth in the stock market!

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