1. Earl ~ She is so sweet. Don’tcha love her. We have a new politician here in Michigan. Name is
    Shri Thanadar. I have a feeling you would love to show us what he really is. Did I say that?

    1. re:
      Shri Thanador

      According to the headline on his website, mister Thanador is a “…jobs creator…”. Good idea, especially in Michigan, especially especially in Detoilet Michigan.

      * * * * *

      As an aside, the German word for ‘water’ is ‘wasser’. I wonder… does the heritage of Maxine Waters intersect Debbie Wasserman? The opportunity for coincidence seems obvious to some.

  2. Idunno, Earl… seems like you should have depicted more vacuous eyes to “seal the deal” on it being Maxinepad Waters. I thought it was Arsenio Hall in “Mein Drag”!

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