1. Hey, I can’t help it if some people put “drainage” before the word “pool”. . They are just jealous……

  1. How could a kwashiorkor kid not miss his monthly ratmeat medallions, jenkum and cholera? It’s the only compassionate course to take.

  2. That’s one way to reduce the trash going to the landfills. Put it in the newly revised ICE Detention Centers. And who says that the FedGov isn’t environmentally friendly?

  3. The mongrels should feel right at home. The problem is that this country is our home, not theirs.

  4. Why spend taxpayer monies on remodeling shelters? Just send the “refugees” to Detroit, or Baltimore, or Chicago’s south side. After a few days in full sun, they’ll blend right in.

    1. Or send them somewhere nice – and watch them turn it into Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. No taxpayer money needed, they will steal whatever they need. Win win.

  5. Curious… would it be possible to rename ALL “sanctimony cities” “Ciudad Culo”?

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