The Only Thing That’s Changed Is The President – And Of Course The Unbiased Media’s Narrative

The children brought into the USA illegally by their detained parents are extremely well cared for – much better than most of them have experienced at any point in their lives -because we are good people who will never knowingly allow any child to suffer hunger, exposure or fear. Their time in the detention centers is brief – once they have a verified ‘family’ member willing to take them, they are released. They’re not prisoners nor are they charged with any crime.

They are getting exactly what their parents brought them here for. A better life. Paid for by someone else. Our fair and honest Media once portrayed it as such. Now they tell us they’re Gulags. Funny that.



  1. If it weren’t for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

  2. Ok. Let’s take the children out of the cages as we reunite them with their parents as they’re flown out back to their home countries.
    And then YOU can take their places in the cages. Ready?

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