1. “You Aren’t Listening”
    When you’re kneeling, you aren’t saying anything. Least of all, anything worth listening to. Actions speak louder than words.

  2. At least he spelled all the words correctly. I guess he CAN be taught.

  3. I predict the Nat’l Felons League is going to have a pretty bad year. Wonder what they’ll blame it on this season?

  4. Let’s see, A silent protest. Afterwards we are asked……..


    Someone’s elevator is not getting to their top floor.

  5. Be nice to see million dollar game players brought down by a factor of ten.
    ($1,000,000 ==> $100,000)

  6. I firmly believe that the MFL was targeted by the Left and is sinking because it willingly ate a Politically Correct torpedo deliberately aimed at destroying everything America stands for and football is as big a target as it gets! Had the league (read: that flaming Asshole Goodell) simply enforced a few basic Core Values and standards it would not be in such a morally weakened condition ripe for targeting. However, we can clearly see that a bunch of over-paid, worthless, uneducated, uninformed, dope-smoking, self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed, no morals, dope-smoking, crotch-grabbing, leg-lifting, dog-peeing, End-Zone humping, Voo Doo Dancing, Kool-Aid drinking, short attention span, nasty-haired prima-donna thugs and hashtag opportunistic door-knobs are simply giving the American people the finger and getting paid millions and millions of dollars to do so. No way I’m going to support that shit! Go To Hell MFL!

    1. Ya’ know Rat Fink, this could also play into the whole “NFL & concussions” the liberals are using to end American football once and for all as well. We all know they’ll do anything to disrupt the America that needs to be fundamentally changed.

      1. You got it! The Left is absolutely behind the Pussyfication of America as an extension of the Øbamboozler’s policy of “Anything to Weaken America”.

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