Oh Noes – It’s A Trade Warez!

Trade Warez are Scary!  You don’t have to visit the link (CNN Money), the article basically points out that Wall Street had no reaction to PDJT’s recent announcement on tariffs. The “reporters” had expected widespread panic and crashes…because “reporters” have as much knowledge of what heats and cools the market as I do, here in Hicksville. They expected an earth-shattering Kaboom.

As for the War itself, we shall be chronicling it’s developments with a new DVD series, coming soon. It will cover the initial battles with the newly-formed Soy Alliance* and should be over in a few days.

*(Canada, Mexico & EU. AKA Axis of Soy.)

trade war


  1. Who will head the Soy Alliance? My guess is that Trudeau will fellate his way to the top.

  2. Oh EARL!!! I just spewed my tea all over the place!!! This is great. I’ll be posting over at the CTH soon.

  3. I am every bit the economic purist as the never Trumper types who are using this
    issue as a cudgel against President Trump. I know that trade tariffs were the primary
    cause of the Great Depression and I am on principle against them. Trump has broken
    the mold. He is a world-class wheeler and dealer who makes CW Womphomper and
    Cal Worthington look like rank amateurs. His constant refrain on the campaign trail
    was that he was going to negotiate better deals.

    He knows that trade wars are bad for everyone involved. The two possible
    outcomes (excluding reprisals) are the affected nations sending negotiators to the
    The U.S., and a tsunami of capital flowing to shuttered steel, aluminum, and paper
    mills. Both of which will be a good thing. Donald Trump never bargains from a position
    of weakness.

    Donald Trump has two modes; the buyer, and the seller. Trump the buyer knows that
    the sellers of goods and services will start out high. He dickers them down to a reasonable
    price. Trump the seller starts out high and lets the buyer dicker him down to the price
    he had in mind all along. He is like a modern-day Cal Worthington: A guy comes home
    and tells his wife that he just bought a new station wagon and tells his wife that he
    really screwed the dealer even though he paid 2 percent above MSRP. Trump the
    President understands that economics are economics regardless of scale.

  4. It’s a good thing John Kerry negotiated that historic non-aggression treaty with the Canadians else lil’ Justin might resort to going all medieval on us or something……

  5. Back in good old Junior High School, we would have dragged Twinkle Toes Trudeau around the locker room (the Boys’ Locker room—we weren’t a bunch of trangies) by his jock strap. Maybe a coupla laps.

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