Admiral Maximillia Issues Ultimatum

You must admit, it’s inspirational to watch someone in the relentless pursuit of a dream, regardless of the odds. Particularly so when it’s a person forced to overcome strong mental and/or lingual challenges, in order to reach their goals. Like Max.



  1. “At some point in time, we have to deal with reality. We have to deal with some truths. And we have to deal with some facts.”

    Any time yer ready Maxine, give it a go.

    Funny, I coulda sworn that was the Right’s argument.

  2. Dat big ole honky hat, it nearmos’ swallered up Maxine’s po’ li’l head.

  3. Ol’ Maxipad Waddlers… she makes Mike Tyson look like a genius. In the official Ironic Statements Of Political Incorrectness (allegedly written by William Archibald Spooner), she is the “poster child for a “Numb Digger”!

  4. It is sad when you see someone trying to sound smart and they just do not have the tools or the information to actually pull it off. The further Maxine goes with her continual tirades, the deeper the pool gets. Its sink or swim time alright. Unfortunately for Maxine, she does not know how to swim!!!!

  5. You could feed a family of six with that upper lippage. I mean if you wanted to. You don’t have to. It’s a free country.

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