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Loseston Canklehill Maybe?

Dance For Me Jimmeh!

I’m no good at gifs. But I am easily amused.


Early Poll Reveals Socialist Democrats’ Preferred Presidential Candidates


This Could Be Really Dangerous

This could easily cause a fatal accident. And complete loss of vision, for the rubber-neckers and first responders.  Oh the huge manatee.

h/t to alert reader and earnest news-gatherer SafeSpace for the word.


And To Think I Used To Hate This Guy’s Slimy Guts

Now he’s my hero. Thanks Harry!



It’s Been A GREAT Week

And it’s only Hump Day.

Please be mindful of prolapsed/collapsed democrats that may be in your path. Don’t kick them in the head.  They’re being collected now. Going to the Death Camps.

Pure Joy.

scotus kennedy retires

Investors Needed For New Start-Up

It’s the newest craze sweeping the nation and we’re jumping in. Incredibly low costs with tremendous profit margins = Go Time. And if you’ve got spare money laying around not doing anything, feel free to chip in with us and ride the Tsunami.

Serious investors only, please. Minimum investment required – $2,500.00 $1899.95 CALL US FOR TODAY’S LOW PRICE!


Hey MacSeen…Who’s The Fascist Here?

max fuhrer.png

One More


Health Dept Advisory: Avoid Restaurants With Gay Cooks – Because We Do Know Where Their Hands Have Been

The substance causing random, recurrent pathogenic discolorations on the hands, arms, lips and chins of all male staff at The Red Anus has been clinically identified as recently applied human defecate stainage. Some of the most durable stains will require a full replacement cycle of all dermal layers to disappear completely. Meaning they remain as active vectors of life-threatening diseases for possibly months.

As such, all employees with the stains described above must wear gloves.



Our Big Summer Blockbuster Movie Is Killing It

Killing the democratic party, we mean. We credit our stellar ensemble cast of addled leftist pretenders with money they never really had to work for, who bring forth their progressive kung-fu with such conviction and vacuity that more and more normal people are persuaded to vote for President Trump and Republicans as the only rational option remaining. Because the democrats are clearly and unarguably insane.

(Psst. I’m trying a larger file size, resolution and format. Does it display properly on all of your devices? If not, tell me or I’ll keep doing it. Also you can finger it and see it larger.)


ICE Announces Fed Detention Centers Will Be Remodeled To Feel More Like Home

OK, this is possibly Fake News. But who would be surprised if it isn’t?

ICE press release