Of Course I Miss Him. Very Much. He Was My Fodder.

I felt I might owe him a small measure of gratitude in return but then I felt even more strongly that he’s a lying, seditious, double talking, insincere, muslim, leftist, reparationist, opportunist, Pakistani-supported, hack author, thief and weak-ass spy* and I hope he goes to prison.  So, sorry but no gratitude from me, no sir. Not one smidgen.

(*Alert reader Rat Fink will most likely expand this incomplete list, in the comments. Others are always welcome to do the same, if they want. It don’t cost nothin’.)




  1. Well he was a character member of Man’s World. But I have to say its nice to finally have a President with balls and a First Lady without them.

  2. A lot of them need to go to prison. None will. Republicans don’t have the balls to prosecute their fellow swamp rats.Democrats know it. That’s why they always get away with it.

  3. How can you miss something that was not real?????????

    The last 8 years were a carefully crafted stage play where an actor portrayed a president.

    Certainly, you do not expect that actor to have a clue how to govern a country do you??????

    Who ever wrote the play that covered 2008 to 2016 was a shitty playwright and I am not going to miss what is the equivalent of a bad dream….

  4. I’ve already posted my thoughts on the Marxist Muzlim Mallard, but your pictures are worth thousands of words my friend! Nobody out-does the Earl!

  5. I wonder –

    when Barack Hussein Obama goes to prison, will be given preference for a cell facing Mecca?

    I suspect John Brennan may be wondering the same thing, but for himself.

  6. Found on the back of Barry’s business card:
    Chicken Manure
    Arms Dealer
    Communists Hired
    Records hidden
    Cash for Clunkers
    Teleprompters read
    Peace Prizes stolen
    Enemies bowed to
    Allies insulted
    Terrorists coddled
    The American People lied to
    Catering for Spineless, Liberal Lemmings
    Treasurys looted
    Fingers pointed
    Bushes blamed
    Red Lines crossed
    Monuments Barrycaded
    Opposing candidates spied on
    ISIS JV Team Sponsor
    Al-Qaeda “decimated”
    Benghazi Riced
    Heathcare Grubered
    Ferguson Community Organized
    Israel fucked
    No Scandals
    **Just 2 Good 4 U**


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