1. Maybe not ONE smidgen of scandal, but how about 100,000 smidgens of scandal?

    1. Right you are, scandals related to the Obama administrations are not measured in smidgens, no more than the distance to Alpha Centauri is measured in millimeters. The correct unit of measure of scandals in the Obama administration is “Metric Fucktons.”

      1. Crazyeighter; Where can I order a tape measure marked in metric fucktons? Might be very useful to have during the 2018 campaign season.

      1. Chish, I think the words you were searching for are “flotilla” or “metric ioton”.

  2. Man, remember the “clock boy” bullshit? That was the funniest thing to have happened under Obama. If that little shit’s name had been James Smith and he was white, Obama wouldn’t have known he was alive. But, “Ahmet” and melanin are always going to be touted like there’s no tomorrow by that racist POS. I’m so glad he’s gone.

  3. Hand me an axe
    I see a jug-eared muslim cockeating bitch that needs its forehead caved in

    1. You’ll need a baseball bat to brush his teeth, and then a chain saw to wipe that smirky grin off his ugly face.

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