Update: If Anyone Needs A Baker’s Dozen Of Assholes

The Hidden Asshole has been exposed. Scroll down for to look and see it.

To recap, here are the original 12 Clinch-locked Sphincters we featured:

12 pack

And now we reveal El Primero Culito. Who was behind the scenes all along.

And please note, this is not a complete set of the entire Demogressive Asshole network. Hillary has her own thing coming, also the State Department. The IRS, Homeland Security, the VA, Interior Dept, etc. It could be a long list.  But we’re not Lumberjacks, here.


  1. You left out Revrum Wright´s “God-Damn America”-hating, lying, no good, rotten, four-flushing, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-eating, brainless, dickless, purple-lipped, hopeless, heartless, bug eyed, jug-eared, incompetent, inexperienced, lazy, vacationing, golfing, partying, childish, naïve, wildly-spending, vindictive, arrogant, imperious, stumbling, stuttering, sarcastic, narcissistic, corrupt, stone-walling, out-of-touch, Gay-obsessed, sheet-grabbing, pillow-biting, ankle-grabbing, dope-smoking, pot-headed, two-bit, belly-aching, finger-pointing, Bush-blaming, Treasury-looting, economy-wrecking, healthcare-destroying, process-circumventing, Benghazi bullshitting, Constitution-stomping, autocratic, Bullgarian-speaking, productivity-obstructing, regulation-crazy, court-tampering, dictatorial, divisive, selfie-posing, taqiyah sunrise-drinking, Al-Qaeda appeasing, Iran, Muzlim Brotherhood, BLM, Black Panther-supporting, malicious, petty, fraudulent, lawless, mealy-mouthed, phoney-baloney, plastic-banana republic, radical Communist-Organizing Maladroit Marxist Muzlim Mallard, the Øbamboozler himself!!

    1. Well hell, who can possibly top that? Rock on Rat Fink. Taking your comments to my spot. Thanks to both of you.

      1. I didn’t see “BS Nobel Prize winning” mentioned but I can’t be that petty.

    2. That’s as comprehensive a list as ever I’ve seen. It’s like an Almanac. Thank you!

      I have updated the toon. Please help yourself to the Tylenol.

    3. And you neglected to mention Rev Wright s Gay Glee Club and Homo Hook Up Exchange, excuse of a bonafide church? But as Earl stated, he got tired or the image would have been much more inclusive..

      1. This one was made in reference to the fake Russia investigation. I left many folks out that were involved. A full revue of the entire Obama 8 year transgendered Sashay would take years.

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