Newest Volcano Set To Erupt

Aside: Here’s a really good piece on how Hillary’s investigation was handled by the DOJ, as opposed to the shit they’re putting Trump through now. Even though it’s NR, it’s a good read.

Well folks, it’s true. There is a new volcano set to erupt but it’s not in Hawaii. It’s in Washington DC and it’s a direct (though slow) tectonic result of the arrogant, limp-dicked treachery from multiple members of the Obama administration and the Clinton Campaign in their plot to either ensure a Hillary victory or ruin Trump’s term as President.

Now the current and former miscreant public (we fucking paid them to do this shit!) employees and their ever helpful propagandist media allies have felt the initial tremors and are trying really hard to get ahead of the eruption and wave it all off. Like they did with Hitlery’s emails. And countless other crimes and scandals. It’s too late this time. Obama is no longer President and his holdovers in government can stonewall the investigation no longer. It’s all set to blow. IG reports are coming out and much will be revealed.

Damn, they were so certain she would win.




  1. we are gonna have to see Hillary in jail before we believe anything good will come out of this

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