1. That’s an insult to the four legged horse. At least, the four legged animal can be used to carry heavy loads. The poop can be used as fertilizer. And, as a last resort, shot and cooked as a last meal.
    Try doing that with sKerry. On second thought, don’t.

  2. Y’all do realize that Ramitin, or Ramalamadingdong, or whatever that quaint Muzzie holiday is called, starts at sundown tonight. I put a pig in the smoker to celebrate in style.

  3. That’s either a damn big horse or a damn little imam. Maybe both, shoot, I don’t know. No idea what the deal is with that plunger, Swiss Army horse type thing maybe?

    1. Well, considering what a huge horse’s ass Kerry is, the rest of the horse size makes sense.

      Ramalamadingdong starts tonight? Dang, THAT’s why Kroger was full of moslem women this afternoon.

    2. You had it right with the one word, “shoot”. Got gunz and ammo?

    3. You have to read back a dew days to totally get the plunger reference. Kerry gets one at every meeting.
      And yes, the Heinz-Kerrys are bred out of prime draft horse stock, like the Clydesdales, only with ketchup not beer.

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