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Update: If Anyone Needs A Baker’s Dozen Of Assholes

The Hidden Asshole has been exposed. Scroll down for to look and see it.

To recap, here are the original 12 Clinch-locked Sphincters we featured:

12 pack

And now we reveal El Primero Culito. Who was behind the scenes all along.

And please note, this is not a complete set of the entire Demogressive Asshole network. Hillary has her own thing coming, also the State Department. The IRS, Homeland Security, the VA, Interior Dept, etc. It could be a long list.  But we’re not Lumberjacks, here.


The Idea That This Cock-a-Roach Could Be My Conscience

conscience kimmel

Newest Volcano Set To Erupt

Aside: Here’s a really good piece on how Hillary’s investigation was handled by the DOJ, as opposed to the shit they’re putting Trump through now. Even though it’s NR, it’s a good read.

Well folks, it’s true. There is a new volcano set to erupt but it’s not in Hawaii. It’s in Washington DC and it’s a direct (though slow) tectonic result of the arrogant, limp-dicked treachery from multiple members of the Obama administration and the Clinton Campaign in their plot to either ensure a Hillary victory or ruin Trump’s term as President.

Now the current and former miscreant public (we fucking paid them to do this shit!) employees and their ever helpful propagandist media allies have felt the initial tremors and are trying really hard to get ahead of the eruption and wave it all off. Like they did with Hitlery’s emails. And countless other crimes and scandals. It’s too late this time. Obama is no longer President and his holdovers in government can stonewall the investigation no longer. It’s all set to blow. IG reports are coming out and much will be revealed.

Damn, they were so certain she would win.



For Democrats, The Choice Is Clear

They need more voters


Leftists Offer Israel A Way To Quiet The Current Unrest

Israel invites Leftists to form Human Shields.


In Clear Violation Of The Secretariat Amendment, Kerry Gallops Around With The Mullahs In Paris

What an asshole.


Payola From Iran Behind Obama/Euro Nuke Deal?

Well that certainly never crossed my mind, not for one second, no sir-ree. The Obama Operation Administration was completely scandal free. Allegations of “Kickbacks for the Dealio”? That’s just Fake News. Barack Obama made the Deal out of his Love for the World, nothing else, Shameful.

loathsome rhodes

The Good News Is He’s Cancer Free

Former Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada underwent successful surgery today to remove benign and cancerous tumors, moles, liver spots and all other diseased, dead and dying tissues affected by his failing pancreas and corrupted soul.

Sadly, there wasn’t a whole lot of Harry left after the operation but his remains are said to be upbeat and committed to continuing his fight to survive and delay Mister Eternal Damnation for as long as possible. We wish him all he deserves.

harry ass



What’s Under The Pantsuit




Spotlight On Iran

Can’t help but point and laugh at the numbnuts Iranians. Israel walks into their atomic research records repository and walks out with truckloads of secret plans – undetected.  D’OH.  The missiles the Iranians (in Syria) fired at Israel in response were either shot down by Iron Dome defenses or fell short. I saw report that 6 of 10 fell short. LOL. Then Israel returned the favor by flattening every Iranian installation in Syria into tiny little pieces of dirt. Including the missile launchers that fired at Israel so ineptly.




We Have No Proof This Actually Happened

We do believe it meshes perfectly with what many people believe to be true. So we’ll roll with it. Even though we’re pretty sure it’s nothing, our needs for National Security demand a complete and independent investigation. Which gets us off the hook, legally.




Time Rolls On

6 years ago today, we kicked off this joint. Mostly because we were tired of being banned from the S&M sites for pointing out leftist lunacy and idiocy in our own pointed style. Each year the viewership has grown. As such, we assume the public has an appetite for Tourette’s fueled graphical type attempts at humor similar to what we strive for here on a regular basis. We intend to continue the production in the hopes we might feed some sad, poor soul, desperate for a giggle. Thanks for coming to look!