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Of Course I Miss Him. Very Much. He Was My Fodder.

I felt I might owe him a small measure of gratitude in return but then I felt even more strongly that he’s a lying, seditious, double talking, insincere, muslim, leftist, reparationist, opportunist, Pakistani-supported, hack author, thief and weak-ass spy* and I hope he goes to prison.  So, sorry but no gratitude from me, no sir. Not one smidgen.

(*Alert reader Rat Fink will most likely expand this incomplete list, in the comments. Others are always welcome to do the same, if they want. It don’t cost nothin’.)



Well It’s Taco Tuesday

Flashback Edition:


Directing The Record

Want a happy ending? First, we must revise the script…


The U.S. Lost Track Of 1,475 Immigrant Children Last Year. Here’s Why People* Are Outraged Now. *(aka Desperate, Lying Democrats)


Go laugh your ass off at the all new Democrisis Outrage of the Month

Anyway, the “children” haven’t been lost. They’ve all hooked up with family and friends. They are however, struggling a bit to assimilate.

missing immigrant children


Resistant To Change


New Problem In Seattle

Also – Happy Dementia Day

In case you forgot

pelosi coming out

The Last Full Measure


They Look Identical To Me

The rumor is, one of the two images below is supposed to be John Brennan, the former head of the CIA.  I can’t tell one from the other. Can anyone say which is which?

Or is it a trick question? Does he have a twin?

which is which

Comey’s FBI Planted Spies In The Trump Campaign – They Admit It

They did it for PDJT’s own good, get it? As protection against the Russians who meant to do him harm, see?  They didn’t bother informing the Campaign of the imminent threat, or advising them on preventive practices against coming attempts to infiltrate and destroy our democracy.  Curious that.


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Flies Really Know Their Filth

Only inches away from an aged USDA certified California style air-dried extra fatty Rump Roast. And they never budged.



Update: If Anyone Needs A Baker’s Dozen Of Assholes

The Hidden Asshole has been exposed. Scroll down for to look and see it.

To recap, here are the original 12 Clinch-locked Sphincters we featured:

12 pack

And now we reveal El Primero Culito. Who was behind the scenes all along.

And please note, this is not a complete set of the entire Demogressive Asshole network. Hillary has her own thing coming, also the State Department. The IRS, Homeland Security, the VA, Interior Dept, etc. It could be a long list.  But we’re not Lumberjacks, here.