1. Trumpty Dumptme will crack as soon as Granny Session’s roomatiz clears and he can actually work.

    Very poetic Earl, bravo!

  2. With all the criminality the left perpetrates it is heartbreaking to know that none of them will ever be made to answer in a real sense. Sessions is a moral coward or they have something on him. They know they can get away with almost anything because no one will stop them.

  3. Could you please pull that picture of the “Former Queen” out all by itself. That alone is worth twice the price of admission.

  4. Genius… genius… GENIUS!!! Earl, you never cease to amaze me… I’m almost tempted to become a Republi… oh, wait… nevermind. Kinda looks like lamont is suffering a little chafe from wearing magilla’s “big girl” burlap panties! When Hump-me Cummy falls will he become scramBULLed?

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