A 70 Year Old War Just Ended – And Our President Donald J Trump Made It Happen

The announcement of peace is truly amazing. A formal cessation of war and hostilities is a blessing for the world. And a wonderful thing for all Koreans. There is even talk the two Koreas might someday reunify into one country. They truly are one people, after all. Family ties run wide and deep between the North and South Koreans. It is stunning news.

And yes, President Trump’s methods and means of diplomacy dramatically moved this forward and convinced Kim to try making more nice for a change. He deserves credit for this achievement from the Nobel Committee as much or more than most of their honorees. What did Obummer get his for again? Other than being black, I mean.



  1. The last 24 (yes, 24) years of threats, finger wagging, strongly worded letters (LOL) and a couple of fat checks courtesy of the American taxpayer VS 1 year in office with a leader willing to actually put in the work as opposed to just paying lip service. Amazing.

  2. The Nobel committee gave a prize to a guy because he was “colored”. Don’t they realize that orange is a color? I think the committee should rescind lamont’s prize until he does something peaceful, like move to MARS!

  3. Obama got the Nobel Prize for just showing up. Wanna bet Trump will NOT get a Nobel Prize for actually facilitating a momentous act of world peace?

    1. Which pretty much tells you what the NPP is actually worth. Just remember, PLO leader Yassar Arafat got one as well.

  4. Some pundits say China put yuuge pressure on Rocket Man to stop his nuke program, because of the environmental disaster his blasts caused at his test site near the Chinese border. Kim caused an entire mountain to cave in, set off Richter 6 or 7 earthquakes, and left a crater that bleeds radioactivity in the direction of southern China. Big Panda no rike that, Rittle Kim.

    1. No biracial wants anything to do with being white. There’s no money or special privileges for being white.

  5. I heard that the NPP committee was influenced by the fact magilla obama was a friend of Jane Goodall (in her youth), and that lamont had suggested the next African shithole country, which is overthrown and converted to mooselimism, be renamed “Negroidistan”.

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