An Earth Day Tribute To Dr Jane Goodall, World Renowned Primate Researcher Issues Breakthrough Study On Enhanced Personal Relations With Really Great Apes

This is just a taste. To watch the entire film you have to go log into her site and pay.

It is Earthy.

Attention Defenders: This is 100% Pure Satire. Nobody thinks it’s real, but you.


  1. True enough, it is satire, Earl. However, the one thing that makes for good satire is that it’s very close to the actual truth. This pretty much nails it. I was an anthropology major in college. Jane got more and more bizarre as the years went by, and nothing would surprise me, frankly. She raised her kid with chimps, fer chrissakes. Funny as shit, too, Earl. Only you would have Jane Goodall getting plowed by an ape.

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