Cultural Corner

In the spirit of cultural awareness, our crack staff investigated the recent report stating the country formerly known as Swaziland will now be officially named eSwatini.

As we all know, part of becoming more culturally aware is recognizing our own blind ignorance of the world’s other folkways. To our shame, none of us had knowledge of Swaziland/eSantini, so we looked it up on the internet. We searched primarily on images and what we saw in general is depicted in our graphic below. It is a fun and happy place. (Except for that cow.)

Here, enrich yourselves.




  1. That little dude behind Mtuba’s left elbow….that ‘s Gary Coleman,is it not? Watchoo talkin’ ’bout?

  2. As part of our cultural exchange, let’s send ’em a tanker truck of Nair for starters.

  3. I would have guessed any inner city high school prom except there weren’t any saggin pants or flat billed caps.

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