1. Reminds me of the “budget” hotels in major Japanese cities (I tried to paste a photo here, but Taint Site Protection prevented me from doing so. Just use google images and look for “Japanese cramped sleeping spaces” to see what I’m talking about).

    1. Yes, thank you! California stole the idea from the Japanese, it’s true. They didn’t innovate this one. (And sorry about the photo – you can always attach via the contact form. We’ll see it in the email.)

        1. I just want a view of the pool next door. Neighbor’s got teenage daughters. Wanton, provocative, slutty daughters. Like in Cool Hand Luke. A hot 6 pack of Lucilles.

        1. The tenants have to keep things discreet. The culverts work like tubas. Too many complaints and that dwelling gets end-capped, to stifle the acoustics.

  2. Go vertical and leverage ancient secrets of the gophers thought lost for centuries.

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