How About Housing Some Homeless In Your Backyard?

More California, for real.

Under the program the county would lend $75,000 to homeowners to build a backyard house or $50,000 for a garage-type renovation for up to six units. Loan principal would be reduced for each year a formerly homeless person occupies the unit.

After 10 years, the loan would be forgiven and homeowners would be free to do as they want with the building. Imagine the sales pitch if that homeowner ever tries to sell his home including a homeless hut out back.

To gauge interest in the idea, the county reached out to 500 homeowners. Less than one-in-five expressed interest. County officials pronounced that overwhelming. So, as you can see, the program is moving ahead, whether it’s realistic or not.

backyard housing




  1. Hilarious… you could build an “supplemental dwelling” aka an ‘in law apartment’ for $75K. That wouldn’t cover HALF the cost.

  2. Cool plan! Instant ghettos of substandard, code-violating housing … All paid for by the government. And you conservatives say that government cannot solve problems.

    1. I hear you. We’re all too ignorant and uneducated to see the brilliance of their plans. Which would all work so much better if we’d just yield to our betters and praise them for their benevolence.

  3. “YOU FIRST”
    That should be the standard response whenever some asshole opens his piehole.

  4. In order to be classified as “homeless” I surmise there’s a timeline for the future resident, and if it’s been long enough, they will have established habits of homeless, and will treat your property as if it were the “public shit-o-fare”. When they whiz and crap all over your lot, and invite their ilk to join them in their new digs, you will have a cadre of mentally imbalanced anti-social vagrants taking over the sanitation of your property, and THEN, if you complain, you will find out that such protests will become “hate-crimes” because you advocate making them homeless again, and their “squatter’s rights” give them ownership of the main house! Yeah… what could POSSIBLY go wrong here.

    1. Your enthusiasm seems dampened, Citizen. Please clap louder to signal your devotion to all efforts made on behalf of Social Justice in order to disengage automatic monitoring. You have 30 seconds.

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