1. Hey Earl – some lowlife in the internet ether is sticking ads on your posts- right below your graphics. Not just any ads, either- today’s promotes some program featuring that miserable cranky libtard douchette Joy Behar. What’s up with that??

    1. The ads are from WordPress, not me. And like many ad spaces on web sites like this, they are randomly generated with little to no market matching effort. I could pay more and host ads myself, but don’t. And if I did, they’d be the same kind of crap. Sorry.

  2. This slimy infant piece o’ shit is being allowed to have too much power. Laura Ingraham never should have apologized to this tiny little infinitesimal weenus. Once you start allowing snide and arrogant leftoid bullshit artists like David Hogg (and the rest of his “Barack Obama’s Khmer Rouge Kamp For Kidz” cohorts) to silence an intellectually superior adult TV personality, we’re all finished. If this continues, the next stop is an LGBTQ 12 year-old with an AK-47 pointed at the head of middle-aged man, who’s begging on his knees to not be executed.

    This kid is in dire need of a major cranial enema. He’s so limited and ignorant he doesn’t even understand what was done to him when he was growing up during the Obama Dynasty.

    1. I don’t do Twitter but I have read some of his tweets. The boy can’t spell…and I don’t mean like a few bad grammos here and there…I mean he spells like a 3rd grader. His vocabulary is equally weak. But he thinks he’s college material. He’s a dumbass.
      And great point about kids who were raised in the Age of Zero. It will take a while to straighten them out.

      1. Because this guy couldn’t put that much stupidity under one name, he also posted on Reddit, under the pseudonym DavisGreen111. In one post where he decries those stupid f-ing SAT tests, he brags about doing a “ton of extra circulars” (sic).
        I think if one of his ‘extracurriculars’ were Hooked on Phonics or a good dictionary, he might be able to pass one of the f-ing tests!

  3. Just like the screaming Mimi’s that preceded him, David Hogg lays a “goose egg” for responsibility. As others did when entering the “I don’t know JACK, but I’m going to tell you how to live your life anyway” denizen of “entertainment”, he should change his name. I suggest combining the “AlGore of poultry” (Chicken Little) and what Hogg DOESN’T know to end with a perfect moniker… “Chicken Shit”.
    Mac, hate to correct you but he never “grew up” during the lamont “DynASSty”… he just got taller.

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