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Friar Jim – Patron Saint Of The Self-Petarded

It pays much better than the Government. Not quite as high as the Clintons, though.

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The Gift

the gift

(It’s not dead, it’s just in a coma.)

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Nursery Crimes – He Is The Egg Man

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A 70 Year Old War Just Ended – And Our President Donald J Trump Made It Happen

The announcement of peace is truly amazing. A formal cessation of war and hostilities is a blessing for the world. And a wonderful thing for all Koreans. There is even talk the two Koreas might someday reunify into one country. They truly are one people, after all. Family ties run wide and deep between the North and South Koreans. It is stunning news.

And yes, President Trump’s methods and means of diplomacy dramatically moved this forward and convinced Kim to try making more nice for a change. He deserves credit for this achievement from the Nobel Committee as much or more than most of their honorees. What did Obummer get his for again? Other than being black, I mean.


Stephanopposaurus Interviewing Comey

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Big Lettuce Fights Back

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He Ran The Federal Bureau Of What?

I saw where he praised Obama on this subject, in a recent interview. If he isn’t simply lying (most likely), then he’s dumb as a shit biscuit. Or both.


This Is Wrong. They Still Need Adult Guidance. Many Until They’re Thirty.


Shocking News Coming Out Of Chappaqua


An Earth Day Tribute To Dr Jane Goodall, World Renowned Primate Researcher Issues Breakthrough Study On Enhanced Personal Relations With Really Great Apes

This is just a taste. To watch the entire film you have to go log into her site and pay.

It is Earthy.


Attention Defenders: This is 100% Pure Satire. Nobody thinks it’s real, but you.

Looney Tunes


The Odds Were One In A Million