Omnibus The Jachyderm

The Party members shown below are all part of a Republican-Democrat secret mixed Caucus (Latin: Unipartimus Fooxus) commonly known as “Republicrats” or Demolicans” or (like at my house) “Double-Talking Shit Weasels Working To Enrich Themselves And Their Donors At The Taxpayers Expense”. You’ve likely heard one or more called something like that. They’re riding off on their surgically trans-specified mascot Omnibus the Eledonk.

Yes, they are all liars and phonies and yes, they all lick dog balls. And they love it.

I won’t lay this crap sandwich on Trump, not this time. I still have faith that he’s one that’s on our side. Clearly, despite the esteemed Members and Senators who voted against this pig-pile, Congress is looking out for somebody else.



  1. I suppose time will tell Earl. I’m exceeding pissed that Trump signed this “deal.” I’m of the mind-set with Ann Coulter that Trump just signed his walking papers via impeachment. When the Democrats take the house in the mid-terms because the Republican voters are so fed up with the lying Republicans … they won’t hesitate to impeach him straightway. That is a done deal if the Democrats take the house. However, I did read this and it did give me a bit of ‘pause.’

    1. There are a lot of pots coming to boil before the mid terms. Democrats might get blown out worse than ever. The Blue Wave might be more like waving Bye Bye.

  2. Barry set the precedent…he shuffled omnibus money around any way he saw fit for 8 years. I doubt Trump didn’t take notice, and may (I hope) be the reason he signed that pile of dog shit bill.

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