Demanding Their “Right To Be Safe” By Denying Everyone Else Their Right To Self Defense.

What steps can we – sorry, our Government – take to guarantee our personal safety?

A punch-proof, bullet-proof, bully-proof Bubble, perhaps?


But nothing’s perfect. Life-threatening perils remain.


However, this Generation of Young Activists are highly funded by leftist, gun-grabbing millionaires and prominently featured in-kind by the national Media. So we’re told how eloquent and profound they are in supporting the Narrative. And denying reality…


So realistically, we could find just one comprehensive solution for total personal protection, though it too presents certain lifestyle restrictions and is still not 100% indestructible. But if you want guaranteed safety, it’s the best we’ve got. Enjoy life.

safe room


  1. I wonder if this dweeb has caught onto the fact that while a small cadre on the Left think he’s a hero, the rest of the country sees him as a spoiled brat and an immature dolt?

  2. Hey Earl, you take that face on the ball, place it in the “heil” pose. Add a red and white checkered shirt with red bib overalls and you got your self a “Big Boy”. Now if we only knew someone who could photoshop…

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