1. No, thank God. Ya know, a clinical trial like this usually comes with some sort of compensation. I’ll settle for some eye bleach. And a bottle of Pepto…

            1. Our ads explicitly state “volunteers MAY qualify for compensation”. You don’t qualify. But don’t be disappointed, the compensation for this study was an oven mitt.

  1. Really …Earl ! This really is harsh-Ing my buzz and just about crosses the line of being evil. But upon taking a closer look; I do belive I see the outline of Jim Comey’s face gasping for air, betting that is one deep nasty crack. Touch’e sir.

  2. You can’t fool me, Earl… there’s no way those pants are made from a motor home cover, ergo, it cannot be shrillary’s tail section. I was born at night, but not LAST night.

  3. That ain’t her ass unless the pic is 40 years old and it is pre cottage cheese/hail damage consistency.

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