1. Let us all hope and pray that there are still enough traditional liberals on the left side of political belief to either return the Dimocrat Party to the American system … or to stay home, not vote out of disgust, and let the GOP steamroller them.

    1. Or, possibly, pull their heads out of their asses, realize that both the Republicrats and the Demopublicans are corrupt to the core, and do everything they can to reverse the damage their preferred policies have inflicted on the productive posterity. Vote for local control and hope Trump can drain the swamp a little.

      1. The widely held belief that the Federal Government, led by whichever President, is required to provide a solution to every one of Life’s problems. That is the problem.

    2. DNC is going full bore Left. Once they get destroyed, George McGovern-style, we’ll see how they form up after. At least 25% are complete retards. The rest may be redeemable.

  2. If the Democrats run this rancid Commie in 2020 it’s gonna be so freakin funny. Don’t forget the Head & Shoulders this time Bernie….

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