First Up On The Obama Channel

A riveting account of the World’s very first, true original Half-African Super Hero, as only he himself can tell it. Currently in production. Supposed to hit theaaters next Fall.

See this magnificent poster sized for the Big Screen (or your personal lobby!) here. Or finger the picture as usual, to make it get bigger.

barack panther poster


  1. Progflix is circling the drain only held on the outer rim by my stupid monthly contribution. I would rather pay a la carte for the few movies and Walking Dead seasons we watch, but the wifeunit disallows it.

    Progflix is in talks with Barry Ubangi and his Humanzee for a subscriber-funded series starring the two swine. Seriously.

    It’s a last straw on my last nerve.

  2. Never seen a ‘network’ self-immolate just because of dicksuckery and fondling a diseased narcissist before….

  3. I just realized that the North Koreans would pronounce Black Obama as Barack Obama.

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