How A Little Girl Got To Meet The Moose

Heartwarming story, really. Little girl is touring the White House and is awestruck at the portrait of the former First Lady. The photo was posted online and went viral. You probably saw it. The former FLOTUSPOTIMUS did and she arranged a meeting for a great photo op. Reality ensued.  Here it is, in pictures:

moose meet

From the child’s point of view:

moose meet 2

So then…

meet moose 3


  1. Poor girl is scared for life. Let’s hope after this she never runs into Whoopie Goldberg or she’ll be jumpin’ off a bridge…..

  2. The story has a sad ending however. The uber driver who brought her and baby mama to the museum was an albino and the vibrants got him on the way back.

  3. You got the kid’s quotes all wrong, Earl. She really said, “She be lookin lak da queen”, “I be lak her when I gets big”, and “Who dat, da king?”

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