1. I just had a vision of Chuck the Schmuck dressed up as the Ty-D-Bol man in a little white boat caught up in that whirlpool…

    1. Funny how great minds (hakk, kaff) think alike. First thing that came to my mind when I read Earl’s headline was Ty-D-Bol blue water.

  2. Some years ago I was a residential general contractor. Y’all are familiar with the fiberglass porta-potties that contractors rent and put on jobsites for the subs to use? Well, one day I had to visit one of those li’l shacks, and discovered a perfect bit of 14-syllable Haiku poetry written on the wall. Apparently one of our subs was wittier than I suspected:
    Splish splash go the turds.
    Now I have blue water on my ass.


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